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Sony Confirms Speculation That It Has Blocked PS Plus, PS Now Subscription Stacking

Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed earlier speculation that the format holder has blocked the ability to stack PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions, as the company prepares to relaunch PS Plus with a new three-tiered service this summer.

The hardware manufacturer posted an update on its PlayStation Plus FAQ confirming that stacking has been “temporarily” disabled, and that any voucher codes going forward will be redeemable until after an existing membership has expire. Furthermore, existing subscribers will have vouchers converted into time “equivalent” to the monetary value of their membership.

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As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus membership service, we are doing some work behind the scenes to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our existing members.

As part of this work, we’ve temporarily disabled stacking memberships for existing customers until after the launch. Rest assured that your voucher code is still valid, and you will be able to redeem your code either when your existing membership expires and deactivates, or after the new PlayStation Plus service launches in your area, whichever happens first.

PS Plus will offer three tires when it relaunches in June 2022. PS Plus Essential is the same £49.99 per year service you have now, while PS Plus Extra will cost £83.99 annually and adds downloadable PS5 & PS4 games much like PS Now.

Finally, PS Plus Premium costs £99.99 and adds over 300 retro games into the mix spanning PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP. These can be downloaded or streamed, apart from PS3 games, which can only be streamed.