Sony countdown hints at trading gold Trophies for items

Remember the amazing ‘Greatness Awaits’ trailer for PlayStation 4 that Sony released a few weeks ago? Well, now a brand new and very interesting option relating to this campaign has appeared.

When you go to the official PlayStation YouTube account and click the ‘Greatness Awaits’ tab, you’re presented with an explore button. Once clicked (if you just let it sit it auto clicks) a countdown is revealed with an interesting message:

"We’ll be placing items used in the Greatness Awaits video up for auction. And the only currency we’ll accept is PSN gold trophies. Get ready. Many will bid, the greatest will win," it reads.

Sony has never done anything like this before, and many people have been asking for some sort of reward system for the Trophies they have earned. Whether this is a look into what could happen in the future, or just a one-time thing, it’s still very interesting to see what the company has planned.

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