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Sony Debuts Surprise 12 Minute-Long Demon’s Souls PS5 State Of Play


Sony has, out of nowhere, dropped a 12-minute-long Demon’s Souls PS5 State of Play, covering everything you need to know ahead of the game’s launch next week.

Bluepoint‘s Gavin Moore goes over the new character creator and gives our first look at the hub area known as The Nexus. We also get dropped into the first Archstone and get a first-hand look at the gorgeous remastered visuals of the game. Enemies use the original code to preserve the classic experience. Thousands of new sound effects have been added to the game, in order to take advantage of the Tempest 3D Audio Engine of the PS5. We also get another look at the Flamelurker boss fight, which has been remade in a crazy amount of detail. Finally, we then jump to the third Archstone and get a look at the Dirty Colossus boss. This is also our first look at the game’s revamped and updated UI, which looks sleek, but maintains the style of the original game.

You can watch the Demon’s Souls PS5 State of Play below:

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Demon’s Souls releases for PS5 on November 12, 2020, in the US and November 19, 2020, in the EU and UK.