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Sony Decided On The PS5 Price ‘Quite Early This Year,’ Says Jim Ryan

PlayStation overlord Jim Ryan has revealed that Sony settled on the PS5 price ‘quite early this year,’ despite the assumption Sony was waiting to first see what Microsoft had up its sleeves.

PS5 Price Was Decided Earlier This Year

Speaking with the Washington Post, Ryan revealed that the format holder had always intended to sell a version of the PS5 that costs the same as the original PS4. However, the coronavirus pandemic emerged, resulting in unforeseen distribution issues.

There’s now two versions of the PS5: one with a disc drive and one without, the latter being the cheaper option.

For quite some time, in the early part of covid, that picture was far from clear. Just as the supply things was unclear, would there be any market? Would anyone be allowed to go outside? Would any shops be open? This has been a year like no other. But all of that just reinforced our resolve, and the path we determined at the start of the year was absolutely the right one.

The PS5 is due for release on November 12 in the US and Japan and November 19 for the rest of the world.

[Source – The Washington Post]