Sony encourages PS3 owners to upgrade their hard drive

It is something about opening up your gaming console that many companies such as Microsoft raises a red flag on. In some cases, it may even void the warranty that one may have. Sony on the other hand takes a completely different stance on this, only if it is held within certain boundaries.

With the great abundance of content that an owner could have on his or her PS3 console from game saves, pictures, trailers, and other PSN downloads, a 40GB or even 80GB hard drive may fill up at a rapid pace.

So what would incline an individual to not try to open up their console to place in a much higher storage drive, say, 120GB? Well, if you are a PS3 owner then you are in luck, because Sony is allowing you to upgrade your hard drive to any type that you may find at a retailer such as Best Buy.

Social Media Manager, Jeff Rubenstein explains:

“No matter which model of the PLAYSTATION 3 you’ve got – 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, or 80GB – music, video, and gaming download fiends will find a way to fill up their hard disk drive. Fortunately, the PS3 doesn’t require some hard-to-find proprietary HDD – you can swap it out yourself with the kind of drive found at most electronics retailers and on the internet.”

He also explains the type of HDD you may use for your PS3 if one decides to go that route:

“The type of internal 2.5″ drives that work with the PS3 top out at about 250gb. So if you’re looking for more storage and/or don’t wanna bother with opening up your box, 500gb external USB drives are also readily available.”

He even linked to a CNET tutorial that explains in detail the steps one may take to upgrading their PS3 to a higher end HDD. Personally, this is a big help for those who are download monsters with their PS3 hard drive at the tip of the spear in terms of open space. It is thankful to see that Sony is giving some attention to this in a positive light.

Source: Ripten