Sony enthused by Lair PSP connectivity

Sony has expressed its interest in the PlayStation 3-PlayStation Portable connectivity present in Lair, according to website Pocket Gamer.

The PSP has already had some PS3 interactivity, demonstrated in the rear-view mirror functionality in Gran Turismo. But, the ability to download and play a game on the PSP via the PS3 is a new feature for the Sony consoles.

In Lair, all the processing and such is done on the PS3, while the PSP sends control signals, and receives video signal. So, although the graphics might be downgraded somewhat, some people may prefer the controls.

A Sony technical insider commented: "It’s a nice start. Over time, I’m sure we’ll have more advanced features."

As a further example, such functionality could be used to control a game with the PSP that’s being played on the PS3, with an inventory option displayed on the handheld’s LCD screen. Similar controls could also be employed by a second player using a Sixaxis to support a friend. Additionally, mini-games could be downloaded to your PSP to play on the go.

Sounds good, no? Well yes…but then it did when the GameCube and Gameboy Advance was doing all this a few years ago, and is noted by some people to be one of the reasons why the GameCube ended up fighting for second place with the Xbox while the PS2 was storming ahead.

Let’s hope Sony stops repeating Nintendo’s mistakes.

Source: Pocket Gamer