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Sony Files Patent Allowing You To Earn Trophies On Emulated Games


Sony has filed a new patent that will allow players to earn trophies on emulated games, which brings up theories about what Sony’s future plans are.

Revealed earlier today, the patent features a flowchart that shows that a trophy will be awarded once the triggers to earn it has been detected in the game’s memory. Whilst, this patent may not result in anything in the future, it does make us think about what Sony is planning.

Given the recent news that Sony is planning to shut down the PSP, PS Vita, and PS3 stores, we may see the company introduce a service that allows you to emulate these games, maybe even PS2 and PS1 games as well.

Therefore, you would be able to play these games, even after the store has been shut down. We might even see Sony introduce this feature into PlayStation Now and expand its library of games and make it a real competitor to Game Pass.

But, we will just have to wait and see if this feature is implemented by Sony in the future. Still, it is fun to speculate about what Sony might introduce in the future.


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Source – [PatentScope via ResetEra]