Sony: LittleBigPlanet PSP won’t get in the way of PS3 version

Sony has moved to reassure punters that development of the PSP version of LittleBigPlanet will not detract from Media Molecule’s continued support for SackBoy’s home console iteration.

Speaking on the Official PlayStation Blog, the platform holder commented: "For those of you who may be concerned that the development of the PlayStation Portable game will detract Media Molecule’s attention from the ongoing support and enhancement of LittleBigPlanet on PlayStation 3, let me reassure you that the PSP version of the game is being primarily looked after by Sony’s development studio in Cambridge, England leaving Media Molecule free to continue as they have been doing."

While the company wasn’t quite ready to divulge any further details on the PSP version, it did state that fans can expect more information in the near future.

"We’ve seen a lot of questions come up about the new game already, but unfortunately we don’t have much more to tell you right now other than confirming that the game is in development. There’ll be plenty of news about LittleBigPlanet on PSP in the weeks and months to come, so stay tuned for more…but that’s all there is to say right now."

We’ll have more on SackBoy’s portable debut as it breaks.