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Sony Predicts 25 Million PS5 Shipments For The Coming Fiscal Year

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed that it is predicting to ship 25 million PS5s during the upcoming financial year, which runs April 2023 — March 2024.

This is obviously a huge number and if Sony manages to hit the figure, it would mean PS5 would enjoy the biggest shipment of consoles during any FY in PlayStation history. The console has already managed to record Sony’s best Q4 revenue period for the three months ended March 31, 2023, during which 6.3 million PS5s were moved.

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While the jury’s still out as to whether or not Sony can achieve such staggering sales for PS5, it’s worth remembering that PS5 has only just become readily available following massive console shortages brought on by COVID-19.

Furthermore, Sony shipped a total of 19.1 million PS5s during the most recent financial year, so moving 25 million certainly sounds possible.

[Source – TechRaptor]