Sony: PS4 is ‘the future,’ but PS3 will be around ‘for this year and beyond’

Fergal Gara, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment U.K., has said that while the PlayStation 3 will still be around for another year or so, the company’s focus is fixed firmly on the PlayStation 4 going forward.


Speaking with MCV, Gara said that Sony could probably do more with PS3 on a promotional level, but anything else is limited by the console’s costly manufacturing process.

There is no doubt that at this stage, and with the success we have enjoyed globally, that our focus is on PS4,” he said. “There is more that we could do with PS3 on a promotional level, but don’t expect us to do anything near to what we are doing with PS4, because that is the future.

PS3, as has been pretty well documented, was a heavily engineered machine, and there’s a limited ability to take significant cost out of it.

It will certainly be around for this year and beyond, but don’t expect it to have anywhere near as much focus in the UK as PS4. The gap between the two is very, very wide.”

Gara admitted in the same interview that the success of Bloodborne ‘surprised’ Sony, and also played down concerns regarding the PS4’s Christmas 2015 line-up.

PS3 launched in November 2006 and has sold over 80 million units worldwide to date. PS4 arrived on the scene in November 2013, and has moved over 20 million units globally.