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Sony PS5 Pro SoC Reportedly To Use N4P, 4nm Process Node

AMD tipster Kepler has claimed that the as-yet unannounced Sony PS5 Pro SoC will likely utilise the NP4 process node.

The leaker wrote on Twitter that the PS5 Pro’s chips won’t be built on a 3nm process node, and that there’s not much difference with the N3E 3nm process in regards to power and performance. As such, the decision to use a 4nm process node won’t likely impact the power of Sony’s mid-cycle refresh system.

NP4 most likely. There isn’t much difference in power/perf anyway, N3E is mostly about logic density (which is offset by the increased wafer cost).

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As mentioned Sony has not yet announced the PS5 Pro, but there’s been rumours stretching back quite a few months now that it’s in the pipeline. Most recently, it has been reported the console will be known as Project Trinity and will launch in November 2024.

[Source – Kepler on Twitter via WCCFTech]