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Sony Reportedly Has ‘A Lot’ Of Third-Party Exclusive Content In The Pipeline

Sony’s Spider-Man exclusivity content for Marvel’s Avengers is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to third-party exclusive content going forward, according to Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan.

Sony Has More Third-Party Exclusive Content

Speaking in a ResetEra thread, Khan said that those of you who were upset about Spider-Man being exclusive to PS4 and PS5 should be prepare for a ‘marathon getting upset.’

If you guys are mad about this, I suggest saving some energy, because the next year will be a marathon of getting upset. I do not know exactly what Microsoft is doing. I know Sony is doing this a lot.

Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics previously touched base on the reason behind the wall-crawler getting exclusive rights to PlayStation consoles, saying it’s basically to do with the relationship between Sony and Marvel.

Whatever Sony has up its sleeves remains unknown, although keep in mind that this is just speculation at this point.

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