Sony says PS VR pre-orders are ahead of expectations

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has revealed that pre-orders for PlayStation VR are tracking ahead of the company’s internal expectations.

Speaking with MCV, Jim Ryan said that initial pre-order figures indicate a strong performance for the upcoming virtual reality headset when it hits stores in October 2016.

"The news overnight on pre-orders is extremely encouraging, but I’d be very wary about extrapolating how we’ll do through to launch based on less than 24 hours," said Ryan. "I would say that the early pre-orders has surpassed our initial expectations. So that suggests demand, and therefore day one, might be quite significant."

Ryan’s comments come in light of PS VR pre-orders selling out at Amazon in under an hour. The device was confirmed at GDC last week to retail for £349/$399, although it will require the use of the PlayStation Camera to function. 

Sony has said that the headset will be supported by around 50 titles by the end of the year, with over 230 developers currently working on the device. The likes of Ace Combat 7, Dreams, Gran Turismo Sport and Tekken 7 are among the titles confirmed to utilise PS VR.