Sony teases event to show you ‘the future’ – PS4 reveal?

Are you ready for the future of PlayStation? No? Too bad. Sony has released a small video to tease an event in February where we’ll learn about "the future." Whatever that means. We here at PSU have seen the future, and all you get are zombies hungry for your brains. So, go ahead and get hyped about a possible next gen announcement at the PlayStation Meeting, slated for Feb. 20, but just know all the juices in your brain created by such a mind-blowing event is like crack for zombies. We’re just warning you.

But, all joking aside, there is a cryptic little video that is hyping a PlayStation event. There is a link that lets you "be the first to know." You will need to enter your birthday and email address if you are interested in being all special, but just remember what your friends at PSU warned you: Brain juice equals zombie crack. Just saying.