Sony to cease PSN support for PSP on September 15

Sony has today announced that it is to cease PSN support for the original PSP as of September 15.

In an official email sent to various outlets, Sony detailed the decision, mentioning that the change will come way of a server switch-off rather than a firmware release, making it nigh impossible to avoid, unfortunately.

The sudden announcement brings the console’s nine-year stint in the handheld gaming stakes to a near close (in an official capacity); with the curtains soon to be drawn on a frankly fantastic system. It also means that any lingering multiplayer titles will cease to work online, too.

The news also leaves owners of PSP Go – one of PSP’s later iterations – in a bit of a pickle as the console lacks UMD functionality; instead relying solely on digital downloads.

There is a way to circumvent the inconvenience, mind, as gamers can just log into the SEN web store and download the desired games onto their systems. Additionally, gamers can download games to their PS3s and connect their PSPs via a USB cable.

Sony’s PS Vita will be unaffected by the decision.

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