Consumer Electronics Show [CES] 2008 News

Sony to release "tiny" PSP downloadable titles

With all of the CES announcements for the PlayStation Portable such as Skype and the Keyboard, many owners of the platform have asked the question, “What about the games”? Breakout titles this year such as God of War: Chains of Olympus and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core should no doubt prove to be instant hits and generate much interest in the handheld platform, but beyond that, what else is on the horizon?

In hopes to expand their demographic and usability, Sony is going to introduce micro “pick up and play” games to the PC PlayStation Store. This is all according to John Koller, Senior Product Manager for the PSP. On the other hand, Sony has plans to bring older PSP titles to the PlayStation Store. Koller explains that these titles will be titles that "retailers aren’t interested in carrying at this stage, games that we hear a lot of demand from PSP owners – titles like Wipeout, Twisted Metal”.

It is good to hear that core games will soon become downloadable, thus getting rid of the hardcopies that might get scattered all over the place. So in retrospect, it is nice to see the PSP getting some attention from the videogame aspect. While it is said that the PS3 should have a huge year this year, the PSP should also be railed to great interest as well.