Sony ‘waiting for the right moment to reintroduce’ The Last Guardian

President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has once again commented on the long-awaited update to The Last Guardian’s ill-fated development cycle, saying that the company’s ‘’waiting for the right moment to reintroduce’’ the game.

Speaking with French website, Gameblog, Yoshida-san mentioned when questioned that the game does indeed still exist, and that the team’s still plugging away at it – some seven years since development initially began on PS3.

‘’Is The Last Guardian still in development? Will it be re-announced one day, and more importantly, can you share any news on it?,’’ asked Gameblog.

”There are updates, but these are internal, not external. The game still exists; the team’s working hard and it’s just a matter of waiting for the right moment to reintroduce it,’’ replied Yoshida-san.

The more enthusiastic of us may expect some sort of announcement at this month’s Tokyo Game Show, but we’d hazard a guess and say it’s still way off before the game’s formal reintroduction.

Team Ico’s The Last Guardian has become one of the great enigmas in PlayStation lore. Having started its protracted development history in 2007, the game’s been bereft with delays since its inception and hasn’t seen a fully-fledged update for some time now – leading many to anticipate a formal cancellation.

Are you still hopeful of seeing Team Ico’s The Last Guardian? Give us your views on the game’s protracted development cycle below.