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Sony’s Codename Spartacus Set For Reveal Soon, Possibly Next Week

According to a report on Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment is set to unveil its long-rumored Project Spartacus service soon, possibly as early as next week.

Spartacus is supposedly going to be the PlayStation manufacturer’s answer to Xbox Game Pass, which is the 25 million-strong service from Microsoft that brings the biggest titles out day-and-date with their retail counterparts. According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, Spartacus will arrive with a ‘splashy lineup of hit games from recent years.’

Sony is reportedly planning on combining PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus within its Spartacus service, and customers will be able to select from a number of tiers to suite their needs, ranging from classic to modern titles.

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Bloomberg has obtained documents that have revealed the premium tier for Spartacus will give punters access to extended game demos as well as streaming capabilities via the net. Sony, unsurprisingly, has refused to comment on the matter.

Sony will not reportedly include some of its biggest titles available on the service from day one, which includes God of War Ragnarok. This puts the format holder at a disadvantage over Microsoft, who has frequently made a number of major first and third-party titles available on Xbox Game Pass the day they come out.

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