Sony’s impressive presence at CES

Dubbed as the world’s largest annual technology tradeshow, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is home to hot product debuts and cool new technologies. The event would run from January 5-8, 2006, at Las Vegas, Nevada.

A report published on the consumer electronics website Twice suggested that Sony would mark its biggest debut on the show floor. Something it hasn’t done for years but is very proud to pronounce as, "largest booth at the show," exhibiting products from various divisions within Sony.

Explaining the reason behind the 25,000 square foot booth was Sony’s chief marketing officer, Mike Fasulo," The objective is to not only collaborate across all of our divisions, but to show how consumer electronics is transforming consumer entertainment in the future."

For consumers anticipating news on the next PlayStation console should rejoice. Part of the colossal booth would be a 220 seat High-Definition theater. It is rumored that Sony might avail this chance to reveal some vital PS3 information on the 4K technology capable screen. Last time key Sony executives were seen around a huge screen, it was at E3 PlayStation 3 unveiling and then at Tokyo Games Show. So we’re quite certain that Kutaragi’s team would again utilize this chance to showcase the power of PS3, probably accompanied with some new information.

What’s really interesting to note is Fasulo’s comment on Sony’s theatre, mentioning how it has "other surprises" in store for consumers. Keep in mind that these ‘other surprises’ could mean anything but games. Let’s wait for the event, we’ll bring you the news as it unfolds at the showfloor. Stay tuned.