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Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Says PS Plus Extra Was Created As A ‘Best Of’ PS Now Collection

Speaking during an interview with MCV, Sony indie boss Shuhei Yoshida has described the introduction of PS Plus Extra as taking PS Now and creating a ‘Best Of’ list for PlayStation users.

PS Extra is the second tier of Sony’s revamped subscription service, and offers not only free PS4 & PS5 games on a monthly basis, but also brings over a bunch of additional titles as a replacement for the now-shuttered PS Now.

When we transitioned from the old PS Plus to new PS Plus, we looked at the whole catalogue of games that were included in PS Now, and we didn’t just move these games to PS Plus Extra, we completely revisited the list and tried to create the ‘Best of’ collection of high quality games from indies to AAAs. So I believe over 100 high quality games are available in the PS Plus Extra Tier now.

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Speaking of PS Plus, all three subscription models are now available at a 25% discount as part of Sony’s Black Friday deals.

[Source – MCV]