Source of PS4 Slim leak discovered as consoles land in the UK

PS4 Slim isn’t due to launch until September 14 (allegedly), in fact it hasn’t even been officially unveiled by Sony, yet a number of people in the UK have managed to get their hands on one ahead of launch.

The PS4 Slim leak caused a bit of controversy, with Sony issuing takedown demands when some users put up videos of the console on YouTube. One journalist even went as far as writing a PS4 Slim review.

ps4 slim unboxed

Well, the shipment of PS4 Slims came from the UAE, according to MCV. They were transported across to the UK and sent out to various small stores and Ebayers in order to sell them on. Retailer CEX then went and sold the PS4 Slim for the pricey sum of £380, despite the fact that the official PS4 Slim price is likely to be around £299.

Retailer feels sorry for PlayStation

MCV states that one retailer had this to say on the matter:

“You have to feel sorry for PlayStation, because it’s all descended into an absolute farce,” said one leading retail buyer.

Another added: “We didn’t even realise this was coming out until it was available to buy online. We’ve seen early selling before, but nothing quite like this.”

Stay tuned for the PlayStation Meeting on September 7 where we’ll get the official word on PS4 Slim, including its price. It’s going to be interesting to see whether Sony comments on the PS4 Slim leak. At the moment there’s been a stoney silence, apart from the occasional email to folk demanding that they don’t talk about it.