South Park: The Stick of Truth pushed back to 2014

South Park: The Stick of Truth has been pushed back to March 2014, Ubisoft has announced.

The hotly-anticipated RPG, based on the massively popular comedy series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, was originally scheduled to ship in December.

The publishing giant explained that the game needed a little more time in the oven than originally expected.

Said Gary Steinman, Communications Manager for Ubisoft: “When Ubisoft picked up the game, we thought: Easy.

“We’ll put some marketing muscle behind Stick of Truth, toss some additional development resources at it, then take it to the finish line with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The game’s almost done, anyways – so what more could we do?

“Apparently, quite a bit more.”

Developed by Obsidian, South Park: The Stick of Truth was picked up by Ubisoft following the demise of THQ earlier this year. The game is due out for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

The game will feature a host of iconic characters from the show, now in its seventeenth series, including Kenny, Cartman, Kyle and Stan. From what we’ve seen so far, it appears the developers have based their costumes on the episode ‘The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers.’

Stay tuned to for more details.