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Splitgate Update 1.21 Improves Karman Station, Properly Caps Frame Rate On Consoles

1047 Games has lifted the wraps off the Splitgate update 1.21 patch notes for your consumption, which adds a number of improvements for the game including polishing up the performance of the Karman Station map, as well as properly capping the frame rate on consoles.

Read up on the latest Splitgate patch notes below.

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– Karman Station added back into regular playlist rotation after many months away (finally!)

– Karman Station performance and lighting optimizations on console


– Removed exploit of “portal ripping”

– Server & network optimizations

– CPU optimizations

– Optimized weapon pickup zone distance

– Removed jetpack animations for far away players to improve overall performance

– Additional improvements that are super technical but help performance


– Fixed hitching when viewing shaders for the first time on PC


– Improved issue where there were frame drops when GPU bottlenecked

– Capped FPS properly for smoother performance

– Fixed low latency frame syncing

– Decreased client net send move rate

– Now updating world scoreboards less frequently

– Decreased replay recording rate

– Improved character and pickup zone optimizations


– Fixed pillars and flags (different sizes with different colors)

– Instant kill volume

– Blocking volume

– Added ability to Save Map As while inside of a game

– Now showing object counts – global and individual – users total budget and current number used

– Added ability to delete while in build menu

– Added local thumbnails for created maps

– Shortened time required to delete an object

– Added option to disable auto save

– Added display coordinates of object user interacts with

– Portals now cast shadows when users have Shadow setting on High or Ultra


– Added wind effect to show when you are moving at lethal speed (AKA one-hit melee kill)

– Changed EMP explosion effect and added an animation to portal walls when hit

– Improved enemy character meshes to improve performance

– Fixed issue where enemy characters were animating through walls even though they couldn’t be seen

– Ally characters no longer animating while outside of camera view

– Projectiles now get destroyed properly in killcam post-scrub

– Network optimized sprays

– No longer rendering portal launchers through walls

– Jetpack flame meshes optimized

– Characters no longer animating outside of spectators camera view

– Ragdolls stop being ragdolls after death

– Other ragdoll optimizations, because, like they’re dead so we don’t care about them as much as the ones still shooting at you

– Fixed animation issue with Maximus Jetpack

– Additional optimizations that are super technical but = improved performance

[Source – Reddit]