Square explains why it renamed Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Legendary Final Fantasy developer Tetsuya Nomura has shed some light as to why Square Enix opted to rename Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

FF Versus XIII was first announced back in 2006 as a PlayStation 3-exclusive project, though few details emerged on the title in subsequent years. However, at E3 last week, it was confirmed the game had been renamed as Final Fantasy XV.

Chatting in the latest issue of Famitsu, Nomura-san revealed that Square originally flirted with the idea of a name change just a few years after the game’s announcement.

“Around one or two years after we announced FF Versus 13, it was suggested to us to shift to FF15 as part of the company’s direction. By that time, a fair amount of time had already passed since the announcement and Versus was a well-known title, so it wasn’t a given that this would be 15; it could have still been Versus.

“Personally, I came to accept the idea once FF Agito 13′s name was changed to Final Fantasy Type-0. As for the timing of the announcement, given that we were changing platforms as well, [the timing] wasn’t something we could decide on our own discretion. We worked together with assorted other divisions to get it announced at this E3.”

“We had originally thought about making this announcement last year, but due to assorted reasons that got delayed. This meant that the lifespan of the current generation of consoles was starting to pose a problem to us.

“If we were a year later, other companies will have more time to research the next generation, and releasing the game against their products on the older generation could have caused us to look inferior when people inevitably compared us.”

Nomura-san went on to say that FFXV couldn’t be realised on current-generation hardware, hence the decision to shift from its PS3-exclusive trappings to PS4 and Xbox One.

“With current-gen systems, we couldn’t fully express what we wanted to do in this project. There were more and more things that we would’ve had to change the form of. However, the assumption was that we’d go ahead with a current-gen release, so went through a trial-and-error process to do as much as we could.

“So we built an alpha version about a year ago, and the company response was ‘If you remained bound to the current generation, will it will be the product you envisioned?’ They suggested shifting fully to next-gen, and that was the spark that led to the move.”

FFXV was given an impressive debut trailer at E3 last week, showcasing action-packed realtime combat and stunning visuals. No release date was given, though presumably it’s still a long way off.

via Polygon