Square wants us to ‘wait a little longer’ for Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Square Enix has fed us a few new scraps on its long-delayed RPG Final Fantasy Versus XIII during a special 25th anniversary event in Japan today.

First things first: the game is still in development, despite being announced way back at E3 2006. However, most interesting is some art work on Versus hero Noctis, which appears as part of a 25th anniversary booklet (via Kotaku).

The accompanying text reads, “Please wait for his turn!” presumably meaning we can expect news to drop soon.

However, it now appears the Final Fantasy XIII portion of the title may not make the final cut. During the event, Square Enix chief Yoichi Wada refereed only to the title as ‘Versus,’ sparking speculation the game may receive a name change.

“I cannot say any more than, ‘We are making Versus!’ Please wait a little longer,” Wada-san stated.

Square is poised to announce the next chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning saga during its 25th anniversary shindig, so stay tuned for further updates as we get them.