SSX demo confirmed

EA Canada’s reboot of SSX will receive a demo at some point before the game’s launch early next year, it has been confirmed.

“Yeah, there are plans. But I haven’t been told when that’s going to happen,” said producer Sean Smillie, during an interview with TheGamingLiberty (via VG247).

Smillie also touched on why the developers dropped the Deadly Descents subtitle, revealing it was ditched because it didn’t adequately represent the three pillars of gameplay.

“It sort of has to do with the three pillars of gameplay I’ve always mentioned,” he explained.

“With Deadly Descents, we were trying to get across that we had something new and different to do in SSX. I think the messaging was misguided. With Deadly Descents it sort of focused on “Survive It”, but what it didn’t do was reassure people that yes, we are still doing race and trick too. The other parts of the game weren’t being represented properly, so we dropped Deadly Descents and just went with SSX.”

SSX is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and will be released in January 2012.