Star Wars 1313 game ‘may very well develop’ further, says Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy expressed the possibility for the canceled Uncharted-esque game Star Wars 1313 may still come back in some form.

In an interview with Slash Film’s Peter Sciretta, Kennedy surprisingly brought up 1313 on her own when discussing what happened to George Lucas’s Star Wars: underworld TV show scripts.

“Unbelievable,” said Kennedy. “So our attitude is, we don’t want to throw any of that stuff away. It’s gold. And it’s something we’re spending a lot of time looking at, pouring through, discussing, and we may very well develop those things further. We definitely want to.”

Sciretta cautiously interpreted Kenendy’s statements to mean Star Wars 1313 may not necessarily return as a game, but rather aspects from the unfinished project may find its way into other media like the Boba Fett stand-alone film (1313 was set to star a younger Boba Fett).

Many people were excited by the footage of Star Wars 1313 shown a few years back. The action-adventure game was unfortunately canceled when Star Wars was sold to Disney and LucasArts was shutdown. Electronics Arts then gained the rights to develop and produce Star Wars games.

There were rumors earlier this year that ex-Naughty Dog and Uncharted creative writer and head writer Amy Hennig was working on a revived Star Wars 1313. Hennig left Naughty Dog in 2014, supposedly due to creative differences on Uncharted 4, and is now working on an unannounced Star Wars game at EA’s Dead Space studio Visceral Games.