Star Wars: Battlefront II – How crates and Star Cards work

star wars battlefront 2 microtransactions

In a new video from Bioware, we learn that crates containing Star Cards, extra credits and crafting cards – which help you progress in the game – can be unlocked with in-game credit or bought via microtransactions in the upcoming shooter, Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransactions unlock crates

Credits can be obtained naturally in-game by completing rounds and objectives, or can be bought from the in-game shop. Other ways to earn Battlefront II crates include logging in each day.

In the crates, you can get Star Cards of different rarities – Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic – as well as legendary Star Card which will be hard to come by. If you get duplicate cards, they won’t be wasted as they’ll convert into crafting cards.

The crafting cards can be used to upgrade Star Cards to the next level of rarity.

The Star Wars Battlefront 2 release date is 17 November, but if you want to play early there’s a beta planned for this Fall.