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Star Wars Battlefront II To Be Added To The PlayStation Plus Classics Catalog

A PlayStation Store page was spotted by website Gematsu for Star Wars: Battlefront II, listed as a “PSP emulation title,” indicating that it’ll be added to the PS Plus Premium Classic’s catalog.

There’s no mention of a release date, but this does make Battlefront II the first of the classic Battlefront titles to be added to the catalog.

The original Battlefront, along with the PSP titles Renegade Squadron and Elite Squadron have yet to be added to the service.

Credit to Battlefront II however, as it is to many the best title in the series. It also allows for some of the more chaotically fun custom matches with swarms of Jedi and Sith facing off against each other.

All the Battlefront games were popular in their day, a popularity that stuck around long enough for the series to be brought back to life by DICE and EA.

And though both games had a, generously speaking, ‘rocky’ start, Battlefront II remains popular today with a dedicated player-base and practically all of its former issues a thing of the past.

What would make this classic version of Battlefront II’s launch even better however would be the potential to play against others online. Hopefully it’s something that can be added down the line.

Source – [Gematsu]