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Star Wars Battlefront is probably the closest we’ll get to the truest interactive Star Wars experience

I could have sworn I just watched some random deleted scenes from the Empire Strikes Back. EA just released some incredible gameplay footage and gamers have been left with their jaws on the ground in awe of the organic Star Wars world.

Star Wars Battlefront Darth Vadar

If you haven’t seen the gameplay footage (YOU CALL YOURSELF A TRUE STAR WARS FAN? HOW COULD YOU?) it takes place during the one of the greatest battle scenes in cinematic history, the Battle of Hoth. Thankfully EA respectfully recreated the scene to the best of its ability (assuming it has limitations). Walkers are being blown up, Tie fighters have their classic blaster noise, and yes, the AT-AT is roped around the legs and pummels to the ground. This is probably the closest we will ever get to having the truest interactive Star Wars experience.

If you weren’t busy picking your jaw up off the ground then you probably screamed in excitement when you saw Darth Vader choking a rebel. After that we see the Luke Skywalker character model from Return of the Jedi swinging his lightsaber and using the force against imperial scum. Last, but certainly not least, we get a beautiful ending to an epic piece of gameplay footage.

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What did you think of the new Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage?