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Stardew Valley Multiplayer PS4: Update Coming After Switch Release

stardew valley multiplayer

Stardew Valley. A game so pleasantly magical and life-affirming that it should be on prescription. A game that delivers so much more than the simple farm life it first appears to offer. All it truly misses is a multiplayer mode, and happily, that was announced last year.

So how is progress on that going? Well, PC multiplayer has launched and this week it’s been confirmed that Switch will be getting online play on December 12, 2018. This will be available in Update 1.3, which also adds some new single-player content, including a new Winter festival called Night market, extra events for characters and new collectibles.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for more news on the Stardew Valley multiplayer update for PS4 and Xbox One. We presume the single player content will also become available.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer For PS4

Stardew Valley’s Concerned Ape has now revealed that the console versions are now a number one priority. He also says that he’ll have an announcement regarding “new information” following the Nintendo Switch update this week.

Though Barone has the assistance of Chucklefish Games for the multiplayer, a lot of the work is still down to just him. So patience is a virtue worth having for the delivery of this update.

After all, it took one man nearly five years of his life to make such a special game as Stardew Valley. What’s a few more months for it to be potentially made even better?

What Happens In Stardew Valley Online?

When the multiplayer update arrives, up to four players can join forces on the farm. This means you’ll be able to work together on farming, fishing, mining and hooking up with your favorite characters!

Fingers crossed it won’t be too long!