Bethesda Feature Starfield

Starfield: Our Hopes and Expectations for Bethesda’s Newest IP


Other than its name, setting, and an extremely vague release date (sometime before The Elder Scrolls VI, but possibility not on the current generation of console hardware), we know precious little about Starfield.

All the same, an atmospheric if brief 60-second teaser trailer, showcased during Bethesda's E3 presentation, did more than enough to capture the imagination of anyone who loves the galaxy-spanning, operatic sci-fi drama of Mass Effect or the boundless exploratory possibilities of Elite Dangerous.

That being the case, we've compiled a short list of our hopes and expectations for Bethesda's first new IP in 25 years in the following article.


Variety and a gorgeous, explorable galaxy: our hopes for Starfield

About the only thing approaching ‘action' we saw during the E3 trailer, was right at the end when, as the camera pulled back to reveal a dusty desert planet and a flower-shaped space station, we were suddenly launched forward into the abyss beyond. A seemingly innocuous piece of cinematography that immediately set us dreaming of galactic exploration Bethesda style, during which we would be able to visit a diverse array of planets: from technologically advanced worlds like Coruscant to the unspoilt wilderness of Endor.

It wouldn't be exploration for exploration's sake, however. In our ideal version of Starfield, these planets and moons would play host to an assortment of distinctive side-quests that goes above and beyond Bethesda's usual fare. Much as we loved helping Preston Garvey and the Minute Men complete a never-ending sequence of fetch quests during our time with Fallout 4, it'd be nice to have a broader range of optional distractions, this time around, that are better able to keep us entertained and immersed in the world between story missions - assuming there will be a narrative in the traditional sense, of course.

And while we're at it, an improved visual style wouldn't go amiss either. Though, as Starfield could well end up releasing on the PS5 rather than the PS4, one would hope Starfield will be the best-looking game Bethesda has ever made come launch day.

Our Expectations For Starfield

Whether Bethesda succeeds in providing the kind of diversity of environments and gameplay we hope to see in Starfield, there's one thing we can expect at the very least given the studio's track record: impressively rich world building. We're thinking a range of rival factions each with their own distinctive goals and motivations, colourful and imaginative alien races, unique enemies, and more lore than the average player could possibly hope to digest in a year of solid reading.

Assuming our suppositions aren't a million miles away in this regard and Bethesda does indeed offer up yet another vast, potentially life-swallowing sandbox for our enjoyment, it seems perfectly reasonable to expect a similarly evocative soundtrack, too. One with a plenitude of rousing orchestral pieces encapsulating the spirit of adventure and sense of mystery that pervades all the best sci-fi settings; be they film, TV, or video game.

The excerpt we heard during the E3 trailer alone put us in mind of 2001: A Space Odyssey; if there's more of that to come, the Starfield OST will be rocketing ti the top of many a gamer's Spotify playlist in the weeks and months following release.

Finally, from a more practical standpoint, we expect to see at least one new mechanic in Starfield. Fallout has the V.A.T.S system, The Elder Scrolls has its magic, so perhaps Starfield will offer inter-planetary, ship-to-ship combat of some kind or perhaps a new take on Mass Effect's biotics - something to help distinguish it from Bethesda's previous titles.

PSU will be following Starfield closely in the months and years to follow, so be sure to check back with us regularly for up-to-the-minute updates as and when they become available.