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Stellar Blade Dev Asks Fans To ‘Go Easy’ On The Demo As Release Date Approaches

Shift Up, the behind Stellar Blade has asked for fans to ‘go easy’ on the demo of the game ahead of the game’s launch later this month, with the playable teaser proving to be almost twice as a popular as the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo.

Further details on the demo making for quite interesting reading, with data from Ampere Analysis stating that it has attracted a peak of 690,000 active daily users. By comparison, the FFVII Rebirth’s demo, which launched earlier in the year, peaked at around 380,0000 daily active users.

Ampere’s Research Manager for Games, Louise Wooldridge, commented:

The hype surrounding Stellar Blade – largely focused on its character models – may have resulted in inflated interest in the demo, and the rate of conversion to paying, launch users could fall short of what we have seen for its competitors. Despite some similarities in genre, style, and therefore potential audience, Stellar Blade and FFVII Rebirth represent quite different commercial cases.

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FFVII Rebirth is based on an established classic with a deep-rooted fandom – plus, it is a sequel, rather than a standalone game. It is therefore unlikely that quite as many demo players were drawn simply by curiosity or hype, and conversion in that case is likely to be more predictable, and hearty.

Stellar Blade, on the other hand, is a brand-new IP with no pre-existing fandom, making its performance a great deal more difficult to project.

Stellar Blade is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024 for PS5.

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