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Stellar Blade Director Confirms Accessories, Hairstyles & Outfits Can Be Acquired In-Game; No Additional Purchases Required

Stellar Blade Director Hyung-Tae Kim has revealed that the game won’t feature micro transactions, with the various accessories, hairstyles and outfits available being acquired in-game without the need for additional purchases.

Speaking with Push Square, Kim was asked how important character customisation is in Stellar Blade, and what options will be available to players.

There are about 30 different outfits available in the game, and they’re all acquirable through gameplay. So, you can explore, go on a quest, or go to the in-game shop to purchase them. You can enjoy that collecting element of the game. Also, by going on quests you get to unlock hairstyles, so you can customise different looks. And there are other accessories like earrings and glasses. But the important part is that these are all acquirable in-game without any additional purchases.

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Stellar Blade is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024 for PS5.

[Source – Push Square]