Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition officially announced for PS4

Capcom has announced that Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC early next year.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition release date

As previously leaked on Amazon, the upcoming re-release of the acclaimed fighting game sequel will launch on January 16, 2018.

Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition features all content seen in the original release of Capcom’s brawler, plus extra goodies. These include the Arcade Mode, Extra Battle Mode, new V-Trigger manoeuvres for characters, revamped interface, and more.

Those of you who already own Street Fighter 5 will receive all of the content seen in the Arcade Edition via a free update.

The Arcade Edition will ship in Europe and North America at retail and as a digital download for the PS4.

Arcade Mode offers players a chance to look back at the past 30 years of the most successful fighting game series of all time. Players can pick from six different paths and battle it out against CPU opponents, rewarding you with a unique ending base on your performance.

The Street Fighter 5 Extra Battle Mode, meanwhile, offers time-exclusive challenges where players can utilise their Fight Money for the chance to bag exclusive premium outfits. 

Capcom will continue to support Street Fighter into 2018 with a series of new content updates. The second season of the 2017 character pass will run until the end of the year, with one more character yet to be revealed.

Existing Street Fighter 5 owners will be placed in the same pool of the Arcade Edition release, offering PS4 and PC cross-play. Furthermore, you will only ever need to purchase the game once, with all content available free by completing tasks in-game.

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