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Stylish Action RPG Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos From ACE Team Is Coming To PS5 And PS4


ACE Team have gone ahead and announced Clash: Artifacts of Chaos, a new action RPG from the team behind titles like The Eternal Cylinder and Rock of Ages.

The first reveal trailer does offer a look at gameplay and features the studio’s traditional weird and wonderful creature design. It looks to be a traditional over-the-shoulder action RPG, but with a few unique oddities, like the bird on your character’s shoulder.

You play as Pseudo, a powerful warrior who lives as a recluse in the land of Zenozoik. Details are very light right now, but Pseudo will make use of hand-to-hand combat to master the ancient techniques and overpower their foes.

Stunning, dodging, and attacking are all key and you will need to take every opportunity to bring down your opponents or face consequences.

You can watch the reveal trailer for Clash: Artifacts of Chaos on PS5 and PS4 below:

Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos releases for PS5 and PS4.