Sucker Punch would give ‘serious thought’ to inFamous 3

Sucker Punch co-founder Bruce Oberg has admitted that the studio would give “serious thought” to the notion of creating a third instalment in the critically acclaimed inFamous franchise.

The North American-based developer has currently got its hands full with inFamous 2, which will release exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in 2011. While it doesn’t own the IP, Oberg noted that the firm continues to enjoy a “great” relationship with Sony.

"We’ll see where we want to go next," said Oberg, during an interview with the folks at Eurogamer.
"That could be with Sony. We have a great relationship with them. We love the PlayStation platform. I’m not lying when I tell you it’s a really killer technological platform for us to work on.”

"The support and marketing, and also their approach to us, to let us make the game we want to make, is really incredible. Our relationship with Sony has been just incredible, all through the Sly series and all through inFamous."

Touching on the subject of a potential third game, Oberg replied, "We would give it serious, serious thought," before describing Sucker Punch as ‘really lucky’ to be in the position it’s in light of the lack of fresh output as far as new IP is concerned.

"We know how lucky we are. We’re really lucky to have such a great relationship with such a top-flight publisher that lets us create original IP. The number of studios creating original IP is few and far between."