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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s Campaign Reportedly Takes About 10 Hours To Finish

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is already out for players who paid extra to get early access, while everyone else still needs to wait until Friday.

Now that at least some players are getting their hands on it, we’re beginning to learn a little more about it, namely how long it’ll take to actually complete the game’s main campaign.

According to IGN’s own Destin Legarie, the same author of the site’s extremely negative preview of the game just before release, they approximate the main campaign takes “9-10 hours” to complete.

This is based on Legarie having captured “8 hours and 53 minutes” of gameplay, with that he says only the “final” boss left to defeat.

For now, this estimate is still anecdotal but we’ll see what players say when it comes to their official submissions on HLTB.

In its launch week, what should technically be a week of celebration for Rocksteady, has been nothing less than more of the same vitriol DC and Rocksteady fans have been throwing at the studio and this game.

Once the full game is available to players for a few months, it’ll be interesting to see how the conversation grows and changes around the game, and if players are talking about it differently by the end of the year.

Source – [Destin Legarie on Twitter]