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Summer Game Fest Is Returning To LA For 2025

Fresh off a seemingly successful Summer Game Fest 2024, creator and host Geoff Keighley confirms that the replacement E3-event will return to Los Angeles for 2025, along with its Play Days in collaboration with Iam8bit, and its signature showcase event.

You can pretty much time this announcement from Keighley on a calendar by this point, but its significance remains.

Summer Game Fest is growing each year Keighley does it – we don’t have his full report as he usually does yet, but early statistics already showed a 37% viewership growth.

We’re seeing it become the new E3 in real-time. There’s a reason it is colloquially called ‘not-really-E3-but-E3’ or just a ‘replacement-E3,’ because that’s just the best way to describe it.

It’s officially a new era in the games industry, a post-E3 era that has an old face and a new name keeping the June tradition alive.

Whether or not Summer Game Fest ever reaches the same heights E3 did at its peak is yet to be determined, but if it continues to grow it could become the industry-staple E3 was in its heyday.

Source – [Geoff Keighley on Twitter]