Feature Guide PS4 Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars Money: How To Get The Most Out of Sponsors, Rare Metals

surviving mars money

If you've recently picked up the spaced-based simulation game, you ought to have our Surviving Mars Money Guide at hand! Earning cash on the red planet allows you to build a better colony and increase your chances of survival.

The easiest way to get money is by cheating. This is for PC players only, but the Cheat Happens Survival Mars Trainer starts you off with maximum funds.

If you want to earn cash quickly another way, you're going to have to prepare for the grind and get the begging bowl out to your sponsors. In Surviving Mars, you'll get mission sponsors which determine how much cash you'll make and how many resource points you'll get on completion.

How To Get Money In Surviving Mars

What you want to do is get the most money you possibly can out of a sponsor, and there's two ways to do this.

1.Research technology. There are two specific patents that you can utilize to get more money in Surviving Mars. The first one is the Martian Patents (Sociology). The research cost is 3,000 but it will yield you $500m.

The second one is Martian Copyrights (Sociology). This will cost 20,000 research points, but will give you $2,000m cash.

2. Export rare materials. Fill your rocket with up to 30 rare metals and you can get a quarter of a million bucks. It's worth building a Rare Metals Depot because you can store up to 180 extra materials in there. In order to get your hands on these rare metals and make cash, you'll need rare metal extractors as they can only be found underground.