Sword Coast Legends journeys to PS4 in Spring 2016

Digital Extremes and n-Space have today announced that Sword Coast Legends will arrive on PS4 this Spring.

For those who aren’t familiar with Sword Coast Legends, the game is rather unique to say the least. A deep party-based RPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Forgotten Realms universe, Sword Coast Legends innovates where other similar games don’t by tapping into its extensive pen and paper heritage and allowing players to assume the role of an all-seeing Dungeon Master who must guide a party of four adventurers through a series of customisable adventures.

sword coast legends

With wannabe Dungeon Masters able to get stuck into everything from setting enemy types and quests through to crafting the stories themselves, players are able to share their own created adventures with others in order to extend the experience even further, potentially giving the game near endless longevity as a result.

Sweetening the deal is that when Sword Coast Legends launches on PS4, it will do so with all of the content that has been released for the PC version of the game since its debut last year. At a glance this includes a new playable sub-race in the form of the Drow, new skill trees, hundreds of new objects for DM’s to muck about with, new areas, visual effects and a suite of hardcore options for the most stalwart of adventurers to cut their teeth on.


Further down the line, the developer has also promised that the forthcoming Rage of Demons DLC expansion will be provided free of charge as well.

Sword Coast Legends is expected to retail at €19.99/$19.99 when it releases on PS4 sometime this Spring.