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System Shock Remake Console Release Is Still On Track, Confirms Nightdive Studios

Nightdive Studios has revealed that the planned console release of System Shock Remake is still in the pipeline, having also revealed that the PC version will arrive later this summer. Furthermore, a demo of the game is now available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store.

While initially not commenting on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of System Shock Remake in the press release about the PC version, Larry Kuperman, director of business development at Nightdive, said: “Yes, and hopefully (damn) close with the PC launch.”

System Shock is a full-blown overhaul of the classic 1994 title, with players controlling an unnamed hacker who wakes up after six-month long nap to discover the Citadel Stadium has become infested with killer cyborgs, mutants and murderous robots. To make matters worse, SHODAN, the station’s AI, has developed a troublesome God complex.

The game features high-definition visuals that gives the original version a complete modern makeover, plus updated controls and revamped hacking features.

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The System Shock Remake has yet to attract a concrete release date on PS4 but will hopefully launch around the same time as the PC release.