Takahashi believes industry has "lost its direction"

A few days ago, we reported how Ubisoft claimed that the industry is crying out for new IPs in response to the plethora of licensed based games and sequels flooding the industry. Not letting the subject rest, Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari added his two cents to the situation.

When discussing the topic about creativity, Takahashi said, "Defining the word creativity is difficult in a sense. Even the likes of God of War, for instance, it is really well made. It’s a great graphic game with an interesting story. It’s not fair to tell them that their games have no creativity. Having said that I do feel many games do lack the wow factor in a sense. Something that you feel very surprised by."

This is coming from an individual who created the Katamari games, which is known for its abstract design and gameplay.

"There’s nothing surreal about it. I think if Katamari is considered so creative then to me it feels like the videogame industry in general has lost its direction."

So has the industry really lost its touch? Or is the “Picasso” of the gaming industry just in the mindset that most games should follow his norms? We can only conclude that innovation is progression, and that without it, the gaming industry is stalemate (think the videogame industry crash of the 1980s). Still, with titles like Sony’s Little Big Planet, surely Mr. Takahashi would be satisfied?

Source: CVG