Target to pull all copies of Manhunt 2 off shelves

It should be no surprise to you that Manhunt is yet again stirring controversy. The game has been all over the news since its announcement, and even after its release it finds new ways to stay in the spotlight.

The latest story comes with great thanks to Target, one of the nations largest retail chains. According to Evil Avatar, local Target stores have discontinued the sale of the game, due to the recent hack discovery which unlocks adult content.

Rockstar, developer of the game, is known for having these accessible unlockables in their games. A couple of years ago, you may recall the first printing of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and a little thing called the Hot Coffee mod. While these mature themed additions to the game are not easily accesible, it has created problems with the ESRB in the past. Luckily for Rockstar, Manhunt 2 will keep its M rating despite the hack.

Although the game will stay at its current rating, it appears that Target is going to pull this game from its shelves and possibly stop selling it online as well. Take-Two, the games publisher has apparently agreed to purchase all unopened copies of the game from the retailer.

While this may not be a permanent stock pull, or even a nation wide deal, the online listing for the game is showing as online only. Be sure to check back for an update as it becomes available.

Source: EvilAvatar