E3 2009 News

Team ICO’s The Last Guardian announced

Sony has just lifted the curtains on Team ICO’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 title, The Last Guardian.

Masterminded by the brilliant Fumito Ueda, the hotly anticipated project was shown in trailer form, depicting the familiar chain from a previous teaser shot, along with the massive creature found in the leaked Trico trailer.

A small boy is seen shortly afterwards making a mad dash to the edge of a cliff from inside a dark cave, only to topple off the edge. Dangling precariously over a gaping chasm, the boy is saved by the creature, which looks to be a freakish amalgamation of a bird, camel and a wolf. Visually, the trailer is positively immaculate.

Hopefully we’ll have some screenshots and a high quality version of the trailer in the next few days.