Consumer Electronics Show [CES] 2009 News

Team PlayStation wins Street Fighter IV competition

Saturday brought not only some solid hands-on time with Street Fighter IV for us at CES 2009, but it also gave us the chance to check out the Street Fighter IV challenge between Team PlayStation and Major Nelson’s team of 360 competitors. As expected, Team PlayStation emerged victorious. The winner? Joe C, who defeated Josh in an epic battle between Sagat and E. Honda.

Joe C, our hard-hitting PlayStation favorite, took home a Star Wars Battlefront PSP bundle as his spoils of war. Sadly, our champion then took on one of the world’s best Street Fighter competitors, Justin Wong. This match saw the end of Joe C’s dominance as Chun Li whooped Sagats butt all over the screen.

We look forward to future tournaments between the formats to see who is the ultimate console champion.