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Team Who Hacked PS Portal To Run PSP Games Offline Helps Sony Fix The Exploit

Andy Nguyen, the Google engineer who hacked the PS Portal to run PSP games offline, has revealed that his team has since helped Sony to fix the exploit.

Earlier this week, PS Portal update 2.06 was release and Nguyen revealed on social media that it implemented a fix for the hack, which his team helped Sony to identify. “We responsibly reported the issues to PlayStation. Bugs are fixed on 2.06,” he wrote.

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However, some people have criticised Nguyen for bringing this exploit to the attention of Sony rather than making it publicly available, to which he explained that the format holder would have simply fixed it anyway had he done so.

No idea why you folks cry about the disclosure. If we just released to the public, do you think Sony would just leave it unpatched? Reporting vs not reporting is only a few weeks of difference.

The PS Portal utilises Sony’s Remote Play functionality to stream games to the device using the Internet, but Nguyen’s team managed to bypass this allowing it to play games locally by installing the PSPPP emulator.

[Source – Andy Nguyen on Twitter]