Tecmo officially onboard PS3

In a press meeting on Wednesday, Tecmo president Junji Nakamura officially announced that the company has started development on Sony's upcoming Playstation 3 platform. The announcement didn't come with any details on what specific projects the company intends to produce for the new PlayStation. Contrary to that, Tecmo has already showed a strong line-up of games for rival Microsoft's Xbox360.

Answering a question, Nakamura said that compared to the existing platforms, development costs for games on Xbox360 have only increased 20% and this figure may rise with PS3. Talking about ease of development on Sony's platform, he added, “Compared to the Xbox 360, it seems to be somewhat out of place with today's developers. I believe that it is having an influence on the skills and abilities of developers. You will have to change your way of thinking." (Translation source: IGN)

Tecmo has been an active development house for both PS2 and Xbox in the current generation. But one of their best internal units known as “Team Ninja” was kept exclusive to Sony's competitor, Xbox. None of the ever popular games by this high-profile team saw light on the PS2.

With the announcement of Tecmo now developing for PlayStation 3, speculation has risen once again that Team Ninja may very well decide to go multi-platform. Stay tuned, we'll bring you more as this news develops.