Ted Price talks Resistance 2 and Killzone 2

Insomniac Games President, Ted Price, sat down with MTV Games for an interview about the upcoming sequel to the 2006 PlayStation 3 launch title that covered everything from the 60-player online modes to competing with Killzone 2, and even some Halo 3 was thrown in the mix.

When asked how Resistance 2 compared to Halo 3 content wise, Ted Price stated that, "We were not looking at ‘Halo 3’ or looking to one-up anybody at all, other than we wanted to push multiplayer content. With multiplayer we saw an opportunity to up the game to 60 players with not a whole lot of pain on our end."

He continued to speak about why they decided to add online co-op to Resistance 2 by stating that, "The online co-op for us was a result of getting so many damn complaints about not having online co-op in ‘Resistance 1‘ that we knew we had to do it." A pretty blunt statement, but it’s nice to see developers taking criticism from their consumers.

Finally, MTV games asked, "A lot of people were thinking ‘Killzone 2’ was going to be the big Sony FPS for the end of ‘08. This does too. So is this going to be a head-to-head thing? Have you guys gotten any calls from guys in Amsterdam [where the game is being made]?"

And Price kept things pretty clear by saying that, "Actually, we’re close to those guys. Our engine director was just over at Guerilla taking a tour. And we’ve had them in our offices. There’s definitely a friendship between the two studios. And we are both interested in making sure there’s a separation between the games in terms of theme and gameplay."

Whether you decide to pick one of these games or both of them, it’s pretty clear that both of these titles are going end up being, if not already, "must-haves" for any PlayStation 3 gamer.