Tekken Tag 2 gets seven new fighters for free

Namco Bandai has announced that from today all players will gain access to the final seven fighters for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

The first three characters are fighters that have each only appeared in one title of the franchise. Dr Boskonovitch, the scientist responsible for the creations of the Jack’s, Bryan Fury and Alisa, returns from Tekken 3. Lee Chaloan’s alter ego Violet makes his return from Tekken 4. Finally, players will be able to play as the final boss Unknown who was last seen in the first Tekken Tag Tournament. Namco is confident that players will be satisfied with the improved move sets and changes since their original debuts.

The remaining four characters are returning legends Kunimitsu, Angel, Ancient Ogre and Michelle Chang. Kunmitsu was a former member of Yoshimitsu’s clan but turned on him when her desire for his ancient sword became too much. Angel was a pallete swap for Devil in Tekken 2 and was the final boss for Kazuya Mishima. Ancient Ogre was the final boss for Tekken 3 and was responsible for many deaths and the disappearances of the original King, Baek Doo San, Jun Kazama and more.

Finally, Michelle Chang was part of the starting roster for the first two Tekken games until she was replaced by her adopted daughter, Julia. She held hatred towards the Mishima Zabitsu and in particular Heihachi for murdering her father. These characters were previously available for fans who pre ordered the game.

All seven characters will be free and available today through a game software update. It is likely that we might also see the pre-order Snoop Dogg stage up for grabs too.

Lastly, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be getting its digital release today on the U.S. PlayStation Store where it will retail for $49.99.

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